Instructions for Chairpersons & Presenters

Length of Presentation

Session Presentation Q & A Discussion
Presidential Lecture 1 60 min. N/A
Presidential Lecture 2 50 min N/A
Special Lecture 1 60 min N/A
Special Lecture 2 50 min N/A
Educational Lecture 1, 2, 3 60 min N/A
SLEIMPN/SIMD/SSIEM/KSIMD Recommending Lectures 30 min N/A
Symposium 1, 2 *Notice will be sent to each presenter directly.
Young Researcher Award Candidates’ Presentation 8 min 4 min N/A
Asia Session 8 min 4 min N/A
Oral Session 8 min 4 min N/A
Poster Session 3 min 2 min N/A
Your role as a chairperson is the key to a successful session. Please read the information below and follow the guidelines.

Instructions for Chairpersons

Please come to a seat marked with Next Presenter’s Seat in your session room at least 10 minutes prior to the starting time.

Instructions for Presenters

Important notice for those who are presenting in Venue 1 (4F) on October 25
Simultaneous translation (English to Japanese and vice versa) will be provided in your session. In order to help the interpreters do their job to their best of ability, we would like to ask you to submit your presentation materials to by October 18, 2019.

*Provided information will be passed onto your interpreters, but will be deleted in appropriate manners when the meeting ends.
Please prepare your slides in English.。
Please check in at PC Preview Desk to check your slides and take a seat marked with Next Presenter’s seat at least 30 minutes prior to the starting time.
PC Preview Desk
Location: 4F Lobby
Open Hours: Thursday, October 24
Friday, October 25
Saturday, October 26
Please insert a slide with a statement disclosing COI (Conflict of Interest) right after your title slide. A template can be downloaded from the link below (JISMD’ website: Only in Japanese)
If you use Windows: Please save your data in USB and bring it with you.
We strongly recommend that you backup your data beforehand.
If you use Mac: Please bring your own laptop.
Only the data created with Windows 10, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later version is acceptable.
Recommended Fonts: Arial, Arial Black, Century, Century Gothic.
Presenters will be responsible for controlling the slides from the computer on the podium.
All the data provided for the presentation will be deleted when the meeting ends.
For those who use their own computer
Please make sure to bring appropriate adopters and cables.
Cables for a D-sub 15 will be provided at the venue.
Please make sure to check your slides on the computer at the PC Preview Desk.
Please deactivate password lock, screen-saver, virus scan and the power-saving mode in advance.
As a precaution, please bring a copy of your presentation.

Guidelines for Poster Presentation

Date & Time: October 24 18:00-19:25
Venues: Poster venue 1 (3F Room Heian), Poster venue 2 (3F, Room Tenpyo)

1. Set-up and Removal
  October 24 October 25 October 26
Set-up 8:30~8:50    
Viewing & Free Discussion 8:50~18:30 8:50~18:30 8:45~14:00
Presentation 18:30~19:25    
Removal     14:00~15:00
*Please put up your poster on the designated panel provided in the poster venues.
2. Presentation
All the poster presentation is scheduled from 18:00-19:25 on October 24, 2019.
Poster presentations will be moderated by session chairs.
Length of presentation: 5 min. (3 min. presentation followed by 2 min. of Q & A time.)
If you are chairing a session, please come to the poster presentation registration desk located in front of Room Tenpyo on 3F.
If you are presenting, please make your way directly to the appropriate poster venue and be in front of your poster waring a ribbon at least 10 min. prior to the starting time.
3. Preparation
Poster size: H160cm x W90cm
Title, Author(s) & Affiliation:
Must be indicated at the top of the board.
Please make sure to take down your poster during the designated time indicated above.
Posters remaining after the removal time will be discarded by the Management Secretariat.
Please note that delivering your material to the venue or the Management Secretariat is not acceptable.